Late one night at the inn after most of the regulars had staggered home, a patron deep in thought and drink heard the piano player plinking a melancholy tune. The patron, recognizing the melody, began to whisper the words. The piano man called out “Hum it, my sot!” The patron stirred and exclaimed with a flash of inspiration, “That's it!” In the waning days of MMXIV he gathered a band of musical brothers to form Misty Mouth and tour the high desert lands of Eastern Oregon and beyond. Adam Lange on guitar, sax and vocals, Addison Schulberg on lead guitar, Greg Schulberg on percussion, Ryan O'Connor on Bass and Rian Beach on lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Misty Mouth is a rock band that swims in the waters fed by streams of indie americana and poetic dance night riders. Classically and garage-band trained, all have been playing in solo acts and bands since they were wee lads.